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Welcome to Multi-Sport America!

We are glad you found us. Multi-Sport America is your Multi-Sport racing organization. If you are a Multi-Sport Athlete, or a Race Director, you have found a new home. We are an organization founded by Athletes and Race Directors for Athletes and Race Directors. Our mission is clear. We provide competitive, fun, and valuable venues without placing undue restrictions or cost on our athletes and Race Directors. We all want to be Better, Faster, and Stronger. MSA is here to help us all accomplish that. We are adding new Races Daily, so please check back often and watch our organization grow. We hope you will grow with us. Once you attend a Multi-Sport America Race, we know you will be a permanent part of our organization.

MSA Races are starting in March!

Spring is here and so are Multi-Sport America races! Our first race is March 30th. We know you have been training hard all winter and have what it takes to come out and prove how dedicated to our sport you have been over the Winter months. Your chance is here. Florida is calling you! Sign up for the MSA Egg Hunt Triathlon in Pembroke Pines Florida! Click on the REGISTER for an MSA RACE link NOW and see what all the excitement is about!

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Be Better, Faster, and Stronger. Get started today

MultiSport America is based on three principles. Better, Faster and Stronger. We strive to be Better. Better at what we do, how we do it, and with whom. We strive to be Faster. Faster to provide improvement when improvement is required, and to be responsive when called upon. We strive to be Stronger. Stronger as an organization, as athletes, and as business associates. Our athletes train for these same goals. We applaud their discipline, and reward it by adopting the same principles in our business. We let these principles guide our activities and mold our future.